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Accredited soil analysis

Soil analysis tailored to your needs.

No matter the size of your farm project, Demeter Ghana are on hand for sample collection, analysis, results and recommendations.

Grow more with less by understanding your soil before spending money on inputs you may or may not need.

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Know your pH
Boost Your Yields

Demeter Ghana Ltd’s mobile soil testing lab can presisely test your soil for the following parameteres:

Soil pH | Lime Requirement | Nitrate | Nitrogen | Phosphate | Phosphorus | Potassium | Magnesium | Calcium | Conductivity | Salinity | Aluminium | Chlorine | Copper | Iron | Manganese | Sulphur

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1. Mobile Soil Testing Lab Visits Your Farm.

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2. Next Day Soil Analysis and Test Results.

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3. Our Expert Agronomists Provide Targeted Fertiliser Protocol.

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How Samuel was able to increase his maize yield whilst saving on fertilizer costs.

Due to year on year rising fertiliser costs reducing his profits, Samuel engaged a Demeter agronomist to take soil samples from his 5 acre maize farm for analysis. The results showed sufficient levels of Nitrogen with soil acidity limiting nutrient uptake. Sulphur deficiency was also identified. Demeter recommended Calciprill to correct Samuel's soil pH, and Polysulphate for a source of S and K. With the right information, Samuel was able to save money on inputs whilst boosting his yield.

“I'm happy to learn about soil analysis and how it can tell me the best fertilisers to use. The recommendations from the agronomist help me improve my yields.”

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Samuel Mensah

Maize Farmer, Ahafo Region
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You wouldn’t treat a patient before first diagnosing them...

Ensuring your soil is a healthy and productive medium for your crops is amongst the most important things you can do as a farmer. Without having fertile soils, crops will not attain their maximum yield potential. And if you are lucky enough to have fertile soils, you should understand this before spending money on fertilisers or other inputs that may not be necessary.

Demeter provides soil testing in state-of-the-art mobile equipment, to give farmers access to the information they need to be profitable. When we test soils, we will give you the results and farm recommendations within 36 hours so you can give your farm the best chances of success and highest yield.

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Demeter agronomist checks vegetable seeds and assesses whether it needs fertiliser application

When your soil is tested by Demeter Ghana, you will receive:

  • An analysis showing the full results.
  • A set of tailored, crop specific recommendations to maximise soil fertility and increase your yield.
  • After sales support from our dedicated team of expert agronomists.
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