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Microbial inoculants are beneficiary microorganisms (bacteria or fungi) applied to either the soil, the seed or the plant, forming symbiotic relationships with the target crop in order to improve productivity and crop health.

Inoculants are typically associated with legumes and help plants convert atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogen in the soil, feeding the crop and reducing the need for nitrogenous fertilisers like Urea or SOA. However, inoculants can treat almost every crop and will always make the crop develop stronger roots more quickly, to grow faster stronger, and help to boost plant health and crop yield.

All our inoculants are ECOCERT organic certified.

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Soybean roots showing nodulation and nitrogen fixation due to inoculant application with Rizoliq soy

Rizoliq Soy Inoculant by Rizobacter

Bacterial inoculant (Bradyrhizobium japonicum) for effective nitrogen fixation on soybean. 23% of all soybean grown globally is inoculated with Rizoliq Soy. It is likely to be the single best return on investment as a soybean grower.

  • Boosts soybean yield by up to 48% (and more).
  • Promotes optimum root development.
  • Easy application at planting stage.
Healthy and vigorous roots treated with Eco T

Eco-T by Andermatt

Fungal inoculant (Trichoderma asperellum) for the control of plant root diseases and for enhanced plant growth on all crops, including; rice, maize and soybean.

  • Protects against root pathogens and assists root development.
  • Innoculates soil with beneficial fungi.
  • Increases tolerance to abiotic and biotic stress conditions (ie. weather & disease).
  • Strengthens disease control and complements chemical fungicides in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.
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