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Farmer spraying using Extremo adjuvant

Often called 'stickers', adjuvants increase the coverage, penetration and biological activity of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and foliar fertilizers. Put simply, they make your spraying much more effective and more profitable.

Unfavourable environments enhance its benefits. Such is the case with chances of rain a few hours before the application, high temperatures or scares environmental humidity. It ensures greater protection of the drops under extreme conditions, greater cuticular penetration and has excellent spreading capacity over the targeted area.

farmer spraying fruits with extremo adjuvant


  • Makes low volume applications more efficient.
  • Lowers the risk of washing away due to rain.
  • Its formulation optimizes the performance of the phytosanitary and improves logistic timetables.
  • Improves the efficiency of control in difficult and stressed weed.
  • Drastically lowers the risk of stains or “magnifying-glass effect.”
  • Works with a relatively lower humidity than usual.
Many farmers using boom sprayers with extremo adjuvant

Maximise Your Spraying

Anti evaporating power: thanks to its formula that includes refined and modified oil, it can protect the drops from the time they leave the pulverizing mouthpiece to the time they reach the target, even in future.

High wetness power and greater surface coverage is possible thanks to the silicon organs that make up its formulation. Maximum cuticular penetration: the modified vegetable oil (MSO) dissolves the wall while the silicon organ provides great affinity.

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