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The story behind Demeter Ghana.

Founded in 2014 with a strategy to combat the problems faced by farmers in Ghana, Demeter Ghana has grown to be one of the primary agricultural inputs and services providers in Ghana.

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our mission

Our mission is to help farmers grow more with less.

Quality outcomes start with the right inputs meeting the right needs. Beginning with our in-house soil testing services, we recommend the precise nutrient levels needed by farmers to achieve maximum productivity and profitability. Our range of high quality inputs ensure farmers can deliver these nutrients to their crops.

“Demeter’s success is down to its ability to deliver the highest quality products, at the right price, directly to the farmers that need them. ”

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Rocco Falconer

Founder & CEO of Demeter Holdings
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what we do

We serve Ghanaian farmers.

We believe in helping farmers grow more with less. This means supporting farmers with the knowledge, data, and appropriate inputs to maximise their return on investment.

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Improved Inputs

We are committed to ensuring Ghanaian farmers of any farm size have access to the best quality agricultural inputs and services.

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Access to Market

We work with our distribution partners to ensure that farmers have access to the right inputs when they need them.

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Soil Analysis

Our soil analysis laboratory means farmers no longer have to rely on blind, blanket fertilizer applications.

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Farmer Engagement

Our team of agronomists are out in the field every day educating farmers on best practices to improve outcomes.

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our history

We started to support Ghanaian farmers in 2014.

Demeter was founded in 2014 with a strategy to combat the problems faced by farmers in Ghana. We have grown to be one of the primary agricultural inputs and services providers in Ghana. Now equipped with a state-of-the-art soil testing lab, we are dedicated to providing enabling farmers to increase their productivity and profitability.

With an initial remit to tackle inefficiencies arising from poor soil fertility, erosion and particularly soil acidity, we began by distributing soil acidity stabilisers, as soil is the most important driver of plant health, and crop yield. As we deepened our roots in the sector, we started distributing fertiliser to cater to crop nutrition as well as soil health.

Since 2014, our product list has expanded to include a broad range of mainstream and specialist agricultural inputs designed to make farming in West Africa more diverse and more efficient and are currently the sole suppliers of inoculants, soil neutralisers, soil testing services, specialist sulphate products, and many more unique and mainstream products. Demeter’s major customers include the Ghanaian Ministry of Food and Agriculture and Cocobod, the second largest global cocoa producer, as well as commercial farms across West Africa. Through supplying Ghana’s Planting for Food and Jobs programme, we are proud to say that our products and services direct impact the lives of over 200,000 farmers in Ghana alone each year.

DGL has a core team of 25 people in Accra and is supported by the Demeter Holdings Ltd office in London ensuring we are able to bring the best of the international markets to the Ghanaian agricultural sector, and in turn re-export quality Ghanaian produce back to the world.

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