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Soil Conditioning

Soil conditioning is the process of improving poor soil to promote the growth of healthy plants. In West Africa, soil acidity (low pH) is a major issue, limiting the ability of plants to uptake nutrients from the soil.

Omya Calciprill is a 2-6 mm prill made in Germany from very finely ground high purity calcium carbonate. It can be applied to established pastures or crops at any time and is ideal for rapid pH adjustment (reducing soil acidity or ‘liming’).

Omya Calciprill is highly reactive and equally effective at rates 80-90% lower than required by standard aglime. The rounded prills mean it can be applied, on its own or with additional fertilizer & seeds, by hand or with standard fertilizer spreaders.

Cocobod Approved.

Why use Omya Calciprill?

  • Rapid pH improvement means rapid crop response.
  • Flexible application means less dependence on weather conditions.
  • Excellent source of calcium, an essential nutrient in plant cell structure.
  • Allows farmers to carry out regular soil maintenance.
  • Suitable for organic farming (ECOCERT).

Why should I pay attention to my soil pH?

Every soil has a pH, which can either be acid, neutral, or alkali. The majority of soils are strongly or weakly acidic, but in Ghana, many soils are very strongly acidic which causes major issues for plant growth and crop yield.

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Application Rates (0.1 pH Improvement)

Application rate depends on soil type, pH-value, and crop.

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