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October 4, 2022
Benjamin Klu Adevu

The Battle of Extremo and Griffin Simplicifolia in the Ghana Oil Palm Arena

The Battle of Extremo and Griffin Simplicifolia in the Ghana Oil Palm Arena

In Agriculture, an adjuvant is a chemical or substance or a combination of substances, that is used to increase the efficacy or potency of pesticides (weedicide, fungicide, insecticide, miticide, etc) and foliar fertilizers. As a result, using adjuvants can help minimize spray application problems alongside increasing the pesticide's effectiveness. Spray adjuvants can be further broken down into two groups: activator adjuvants and special-purpose adjuvants, which are also called utility adjuvants or spray modifiers.

Rizospray Extremo is an adjuvant produced by Rizobacter, a leading company in the research, development, and commercialization of innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture, operating in more than 40 countries and continues expanding its territory with its main product lines: inoculants, seed treatments, biostimulants, adjuvants, and specialty fertilizers.

Extremo Increases the coverage, penetration, and biological activity of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and foliar fertilizers. Its formulation includes silicon organs, and modified-refined vegetable oil, in this way offering a unique wide-range product for high-quality applications.

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Unfavorable environments enhance their benefits. Such is the case with chances of rain a few hours before the application, high temperatures, or scares environmental humidity. It ensures greater protection of the drops under extreme conditions, greater cuticular penetration, and an excellent spreading capacity over the targeted area.

Anti-evaporating power: thanks to its formula that includes refined and modified oil, it can protect the drops from the time they leave the pulverizing mouthpiece to the time they reach the target, even in the future.

High wetness power and greater surface coverage are possible thanks to the silicon organs that make up its formulation. Maximum cuticular penetration: the modified vegetable oil (MSO) dissolves the wall while the silicon organ provides great affinity between the drops and the plant surface.


Makes low-volume applications more efficient.

Lowers the risk of washing away due to rain.

Its formulation optimizes the performance of the phytosanitary and improves logistic timetables.

Improves the efficiency of control in difficult and stressed weeds.

Drastically lowers the risk of stains or the “magnifying-glass effect.”

Works with relatively lower humidity than usual.

Griffin Simplicifolia is a noxious weed in oil palm and other cash crops. It is always in constant competition with the oil palm for water and nutrients due to its vigorous tap root system. This significantly reduces the yield of oil palm unknowingly, since they take up nutrients supplied for oil palm, and palm fertilization is based on estimated corresponding yields. So, competition means a reduction in the quantity of nutrients available for Oil palm, hence the influence on yields.

Many weedicides application has proved futile to control this prolific and stubborn weed in plantations across the country. This has also increased the cost of production because several rounds of liters of weedicide and labour are employed in the application. In some situations, due to the combination of both chemical control and mechanical slashing.

One characteristic that makes Griffin Simplicifolia control difficult is the smooth and shiny surface of its leaves. This makes it very difficult for any weedicide to adhere and penetrate. Again because of the depth of its tap root system, if weedicides are not probably translocated then they will be ineffective. Another angle is the environmental effect of excessive application of these herbicides due to the absence of Rizospray Extremo adjuvant.

Before Extremo

However, Rizopsray Extremo won the heavyweight battle of the Ghana Oil Palm Arena. Extremo added to all weedicides used in controlling Griffin S. increased their efficiency. The anti-evaporating power, high wetness power, great surface coverage, and effective cuticular penetration were all laid bare. It prevented weedicide from evaporating after application and ensured a wider cover on leaves. This enabled maximum penetration of weedicides for more enhanced performance. In addition, all the positive properties listed above also induce the biological activity of these herbicides.

Extremo, mixed with weedicide-controlled Griffin S. extensively in the 21,000-hectare Oil palm plantation. The acceptance and application of Extremo by Ghana Oil palm plantations help them to win the battle against Griffin simplicifolia at a much lower cost, with fewer sprays and labour. Ensuring environmental sustainability with the use of fewer herbicides in weed control.

After Extremo 1
After Extremo 2
After Extremo 3

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