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October 12, 2022
Enoch Tetteh

Calciprill: Cocoa Farmer Testimonials

Calciprill: Cocoa Farmer Testimonials

Demeter Ghana and Beft Agro, in conjunction with Cocobod, carried out training seminars on the correct application of Calciprill® in the Western Region of Ghana last month. Below are testimonials from cocoa farmers on the benefits of Calciprill® to correct their soil pH and boost yields.

As our previous blogs have explained, low soil pH (acidic soil) leads to low cocoa cultivation yields as it inhibits the levels of nutrients such as Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous needed for cocoa production. A major cause of soil acidity is over application of acidic nitrogen-based fertilisers as well as rainfall and leaching. Most of Sub-Saharan Africa has naturally acidic soils.  If you don’t know the pH of your soil and want to find out, please contact us here!

Soil conditioning, also called neutralisation or liming, is the application of alkaline soil neutralisers in the form of Calcium Carbonate. Calciprill® is a finely ground calcium carbonate rapidly neutralises soil acidity. The calcium then is free to act as a calcium fertiliser.

“To end my story, before I used to get 60 bags of cocoa but after I applied Calciprill I get over 100 bags on the same land.”

— David, Akropong

Calciprill Training Participants

Success Stories of Calciprill®

Kofi from Samreboi:

“In 2019 a similar program was organized. It trained us how to apply the Calciprill and made known to us how acidity has affected our soil, especially those of us living in the western region.

Through the training one of the main things taught was the cause of soil acidity and especially applying NPK and other fertilizers over a period decreases our pH level, giving us acidic soils and that affects the yield of crops production. And, if there is acidity in the soil it hijacked all importance nutrients in the soil, so the plant doesn’t get it require nutrient for growth.

Immediately after the training Cocobod gave us of some of the Calciprill and I applied it on one acre of land. I made my mind that I will monitor this closely to see the results because I have used several product over the years which affect my farming activities.

After I applied the Calciprill I notice some changes on the field and the leave all turned green.”

Farmer Gilbert on his farm

Christian, cocoa farmer near Ayinase:

“We didn’t really know what exactly it is, but when the officers started talking about it, over the years we are using NPK and other chemicals which after some time it affect the pH of the soil which also have impact on plant growth, so I took Calciprill in faith and applied it on portion of my 15-acre cocoa land.

I have applied a lot of chemicals on my farm land which I didn’t see any results and many times they invite me for a meeting but I usually don’t show up because there is no profit on that, but this time around when I heard about Calciprill I made up my mind to show up to share with the people the success story of my farm in just one year after applied the Calciprill.

Calciprill has really help me through that am able to construct my building because that year the yields of the cocoa was high, and it brought me a lot of profit which if the company bring more I will buy. Thank you.”

Chairperson, Hunu Valley Adom Wo Wim Co-operative:

“Calciprill - initially when we were given we don’t really know that value of it, so our leader instruct us to apply immediately we got some and bring the sacks back to prove you have applied so I did just that, but the year I apply Calciprill I didn’t get any granular fertilizer to apply so I came worry but later Calciprill did a magic because that year the yields were massive than before. Previously I used to get 24 bags on my land (5 acres) but after I applied the Calciprill I got 40 bags even sometime now I didn’t get Calciprill to apply but I have noticed that every year there is an increase in the yield which I will encourage everyone to go Calciprill. “

[The last time she used Calciprill was 2019 but according to her for past three years there is tremendous increase in yields.]

Chairperson of Adom Wo Wim Co-operative

David - Cocoa Farmer, Akropong

“It is true what all my people have shared, and it was 2019 when I got the opportunity to use this Calciprill, and during that time we were many but a lot of the farmers do not apply all. They are saying, they have used several products which doesn’t help them so they are not interested. During that time, we were desperate for NPK but when they mentioned that Calcirpill is a soil neutralizer and can increase pH I became very happy. The reason why I encourage everyone to use Calciprill is on my farmland I really love to apply for NPK but it got to a time when I noticed some changes in the leaves but after I applied the Calciprill within 2 years now I have seen massive improvement on the leaves and the yields too. To end my story, before I used to get 60 bags of cocoa but after I applied Calciprill I get over 100 bags on the same land.”

Farmer Sharing his Success Story

Samuel - Cocoa Farmer, near Samreboi

“I cut all my mature cocoa trees down and I got Calciprill on 2019 and I made my mind to apply it on the young trees and from 2020 till now it been fruiting and as we speak now it looks like mature cocoa farm. Calciprill is also good for young trees.”

The Positive effects of Calciprill on Young Trees

Calciprill® has become an invaluable item in a farmers toolkit to combat soil acidity and bring home superior yields. Before you buy and use it, you should always take a pH soil test, to measure your soil acidity. You can do so by contacting Demeter Ghana here.

Why don’t you see if Calciprill® can help your farm too?

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