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August 9, 2022
Rocco Falconer

Apply Rizoliq Seed Inoculant to your soybean seeds before it’s too late!

Apply Rizoliq Seed Inoculant to your soybean seeds before it’s too late!

As the last planting before the season wraps up takes place, it is last call for farmers to treat their seeds with inoculants before planting as the northern regions will close their planting windows by the end of July.

The science is below. Inoculating your seeds will infest the seed with bacteria that promote Nitrogen fixation – that is the ability of the plant to create its own nitrogen without any need for inorganic nitrogen fertiliser.

Rizoliq Soy® is a highly efficient way to solve the crisis caused by high inputs costs. This year in Ghana with the export ban and the challenges presented by high fertiliser costs, application of inoculant is a highly efficient way to get the best from your crops.

The numbers speak for themselves. One sachet of Rizoliq Soy®, which can cover up to 3 acres of seeds, costs just GHS 50 yet offers a yield increase of 20-25%

And the saving on Nitrogen alone, which could be up to GHS 400 per bag at the moment, is enough to justify the investment many times over. All around the world most farmers use inoculants to enhance the quality of their outputs, and Rizoliq Soy® is used on an incredible 23% of all soy planted.

So once you have prepared your soil, bought your seeds, and plan to get the best from your crops, don’t forget to purchase Rizoliq Soy® to get the best from your soy harvest this year!

Seed Inoculants

Seed inoculants are the source or suppliers of beneficial bacteria. There are some beneficial microorganisms that fix nitrogen in the soil, like rhizobium and mycorrhiza. They usually take nitrogen from the air around us; this air is usually composed of around 75%, nitrogen. Plants usually can’t utilize atmospheric nitrogen but these micro-organisms can capture that nitrogen and put them in the soil, that’s what we refer as the NITROGEN CYCLE. Once nitrogen is fixed in the soil, the plants can utilize it. Also, beneficial bacteria increase plants’ resistance by suppressing the growth of pathogens in the soil. These pathogens cause diseases in plants. Moreover, they have a significant function of making food more readily available for plants. Basically, the soil contains organic matter that can be used as food by plants, but they can not utilize these before they have been decomposed. Introduction of inoculants also increases/boosts plants immunity to diseases by resisting diseases like bacteria wilt, clubroot, fungi (rhizoctonia, fusarium, pythium, phytophthora) and others. Ultimately, beneficial bacteria convert neutral microbes in the soil into beneficial bacteria, as their numbers upsurge, more functions are enhanced and plants stand a better chance to increase yield.

In recent agriculture, inoculation has been introduced into plants like cowpea, soyabean, rice and other vegetables. Most notable among these inoculants in our country Ghana are Rizoliq Soy® and Eco-T.

Rizoliq Soy®

Rizoliq Soy® contains strains of nitrogen fixing bacteria, Bradyrhizobium sp, selected specially for their specificity, infectivity and efficiency. Its exclusive formulation allows for a high bacterial concentration in the container and on the seed. Such concentration guarantees that the radicle is infected at the time of germination, thus achieving early infection and greater nodulation in the main root. Farmers enjoy these benefits when they apply this product:

  • High load of nitrogen-fixing bacteria
  • Ease of use in seed treatment due to its liquid formulation
  • Greater biological nitrogen fixation
  • Increased yield potential
  • With application rates revolving around 200ml/100kg seeds, farmers can save a lot of cost to fertilizers and other inputs which will go far to maximize their profits through bumper harvest.

Method of Application

The required dosage is measured based on the area to be planted. The seeds are drenched in the liquid for around 10-15 minutes. Seeds are then air dried under shade. Seeds are planted on the field with their required spacing and left to grow.

Evidence of the yield benefits from using Rizoliq Soy® in soybean:

Superior yield with one of our Rizoliq Soy® customers in Ghana
Another happy Rizoliq Soy® customer

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